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Issue 156: Foreign NGOs, forced birth control, official corruption

September 7, 2006

Below are translated summaries of the articles and news briefs published in Huaxia Dianzi Bao, Issue No. 156. The full Chinese-language issue can be found at

◇ 何清涟
China's policy of openness takes a turn for the worse as government surveillance of foreign NGOs grows more severe. By He Qinglian
“光明之子” 陈光诚
◇ 杨大年
Yang Danian describes young, blind rights defender Chen Guangcheng
◇ 滕彪
Authentic records of forced birth control in Shandong from local investigation by Teng Biao, legal scholar and practicing lawyer from Beijing
一个女人和国家机器的战争 ◇ 杜娟 One woman takes on the state: government employee Yang Chunhong beaten after refusing to toast high officials. By Du Juan
退休老军工,勇抗黑恶势力 ◇ 秋林 Retired military worker bravely resists pressure from criminal elements, defending public property from being sold off by collaborating official. By Qiu Lin
我自己的维权之路(二) ◇ 卢雪松 Part Two of My Rights Defense Route by Lu Xuesong, Dongbei instructor sentenced to re-education through labor after teaching about dissident Lin Zhao
News in Brief:
国内外声援高智晟,莫少平愿为其辩护 Domestic and international support for Gao Zhisheng, Mo Shaoping agrees to speak in his defense
四名维权人士遭软禁 Four more rights defenders under house arrest
陈光诚正式提起上诉 Chen Guangcheng lodges formal appeal
妻子坚称程翔无罪,准备近期上诉 Ching Cheong's wife insists he is innocent as she prepares appeal
当局将开庭审理郭起真案 Authorities open trial on case of Guo Qizhen
中国官方加强控制国内非政府组织 Chinese authorities increase pressure on domestic NGOs
《百姓》杂志网站被当局关闭 Baixing magazine Web site shut down
大陆网络服务商过滤电邮中敏感信息 Chinese internet filtering services highly sensitive when intercepting email
江阴死者才火化,拆迁又开始 Eviction begins in Jiangyang as body of protester He Guosheng cremated
山东教友聚会被抓捕,福州教堂被拆 Christians arrested at Shandong religious gathering, church in Fuzhou razed