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HRIC Statement: HRIC Condemns Rights Violations and Harsh Sentence in Ablikim Abdureyim’s Case

April 19, 2007

Human Rights in China (HRIC) condemns the harsh sentencing of Ablikim Abdureyim, the son of prominent Uyghur human rights defender Rebiya Kadeer. Charged with "instigating and engaging in secessionist activities," he was sentenced to nine years' imprisonment and three years' deprivation of political rights on April 17 by the Urumchi Municipal Intermediate People's Court. According to information available, Ablikim Abdureyim had no access to legal representation and his family was unable to attend the trial. This is yet another case which raises serious concerns about the use of criminal charges by the Chinese government to retaliate against family members of human rights defenders. Since Rebiya Kadeer received asylum in the U.S. in 2005, her family has been harassed and detained on multiple occasions. Her other son Alim Abdureyim was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment on November 27, 2006, on charges of tax evasion.

HRIC condemns the violations of international due process norms in Ablikim Abdureyim's case as well as the extremely harsh sentence he has received. HRIC calls on the international community to send a strong message of concern to the Chinese government, and urges the Chinese authorities to immediately provide a full and transparent review.

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