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Inciting Subversion Of State Power

A profile of Zuo Xiaohuan (左晓环) , a Sichuan rights activist, written by fellow activist Huang Xiaoming. Zuo was detained by the Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau on May 28, 2010, and formally arrested on November 19, 2010, both on suspicion of inciting subversion of state power. Eighteen...
[Lü Gengsong] Zhejiang rights defender Lu Gengsong was arrested on suspicion of “inciting subversion of state power” on August 24, 2007, for publishing articles critical of the government. The court convicted and sentenced him to four years in prison and one year of deprivation of political rights...
On March 5, 2011, Zhu Yufu (朱虞夫) was detained on suspicion of inciting subversion of state power; his home was also searched and his possessions confiscated. Zhu was formally arrested on April 11, 2011, and is being held at the Shengcheng District Detention Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province...
Now serving a four-year prison sentence for “incitement to subvert state power” for setting up an independent corruption monitoring group, An Jun is being held in Henan Province No. 1 Prison in Kaifeng City, and has a heart condition for which he is not receiving proper treatment.
Zhang Shanguang Suffering abuse in prison for seeking to help laid off workers


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